Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Many people think that they can achieve a great body simply by working out.  While hard work is definitely necessary for fitness, diet is also an essential element.  

Like it or not, a proper diet is required in a successful bodybuilder's regimen.  It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete; your choice of diet can make or break a training program, and bodybuilding diet mistakes can spell failure for even the most avid trainer.

Basic bodybuilding diet mistakes can range from the simplest blunders to the downright dangerous.  Everyone makes mistakes, but some of the most common ones can be avoided if you're aware of the danger signs.

Be Patient
Everyone has personal flaws, but one of the most damaging personal attributes a bodybuilder can possess is impatience.  There is no instant formula for sculpting the ideal body.  It takes a great deal of time and hard work.  Bodybuilding diet programs take time, and many athletes get impatient when they don't see results right away.  You need to give your body time to adjust to the program, and avoid jumping from diet to diet.  On average, it takes your body three weeks to become accustomed to the changes in your bodybuilding diet.  For example, when you take on a high-carb, low-fat diet, you can expect to begin seeing results in about 21 days.

Count Your Calories
This is the basic rule of dieting, but many bodybuilding dieters don't keep records of what they eat.  They also fail to record the carbohydrates and proteins they take in, or their overall fat and calorie intakes.  As a result, they don't lose fat at the anticipated rate.  Any miscalculation in your calorie-intake is a risk that's simply not worth taking.   Keep tabs of your food consumption, and you can easily avoid this common bodybuilding diet mistake.

Eat Regularly
You are depending on your body to give you great results, but your body is depending on you for a reliable source of food.  Irregular meals and sporadic eating must be avoided.  Whether you are sticking with a typical three-meals-a-day program or taking five smaller daily meals, you need to be consistent.  When your body realizes that it has not been fed, it will begin to store fat.  Eating regular meals is essential to reducing fat and having a leaner body mass.

Scale Down On the Scales
Don't throw your scales away, but avoid the temptation to constantly monitor your weight.  It's important to remember that bodybuilding is a sport that offers visual results.  You may be well on your way to reaching your goals, even if your scales do not show a great deal of weight loss.  While your body may be losing fat, it's gaining muscle, and your weight won't change as much as you might expect.  If you rely too much on the scales, you can easily become disillusioned.  Use photographs to track your progress, and you'll see that your body is becoming leaner.

No Magic Pills
Supplements can enhance a program, but they can also create one of the biggest bodybuilding diet mistakes.  There are no magic pills that will make you lose weight and gain muscle.  No supplement, regardless of what the advertising or product reviews promise, can make you shed fat in a day.  Supplements are meant to enhance your efforts, not replace them.  You can use supplements wisely as part of your bodybuilding program, but you'll still need a healthy dose of commitment, hard work and dietary common sense.

Everyone makes mistakes; so don't throw in the towel if you slip up along the way.  Stay positive and you can maximize your potential and realize your bodybuilding goals.