Travel in Luxury to the Caribbean
Are you looking for some eco-luxury? Tiamo, an environmentally-friendly resort comprised of a row of wooden cottages that are chic and simple at the same time, provides the ultimate in Caribbean luxury travel. Scattered along a quiet strand of white powder on Andros island in the Bahamas, this Caribbean luxury travel resort is surrounded by orchids and giant lizards and offers nothing but relaxed comfort and ecological awareness. This Caribbean luxury travel resort offers the perfect solution to the Caribbean's more familiarly hedonistic piña colada and party resorts. At Tiamo, the Caribbean is summed up as barefoot luxury # polished and refined yet set in an environment that can only be described as natural.

Out of all the Bahamian islands in the Caribbean region, Andros is one of the less familiar. Thanks to its relative obscurity, its subdued allure is what makes it even more appealing as a Caribbean luxury travel destination. With an area of 2,300 square miles and home to a mere 8,000 people, it is one of the least explored areas in the Western Hemisphere.

However, don't assume that Andros is just one of those dime-a-dozen island destinations which the Caribbean is full of. Andros is the largest island in the country so you have plenty of room to have fun and enjoy the warm Caribbean sun. And because the island is still undeveloped, there are few phones, few bus lines, and other facilities that could detract you from your relaxing vacation.

In truth, the island is not just one island but a collection of islands tightly meshed into one archipelago. With its rocky shores and a web of streams, this Caribbean luxury travel destination has never offered the kind of obvious harbor found on other Bahamian islands so, apart from the odd fishing lodge and Caribbean luxury travel retreats, development has largely overlooked it. However, what has made the island unsuitable for urban evolution makes it ideal for eco-tourism.

The Caribbean luxury travel resort of Tiamo is isolated, even by Andros' standards. Set three road less miles from the nearest village and surrounded by palm trees, banana plants, orchids, herons, tiny tree frogs, and some nasty mosquitoes, Tiamo is only accessible to guests via boat. Relying on its solar power system and solar-heated rainwater showers, the resort stays true to its ecological philosophy but at the same time provides you with a tranquil retreat is incomparable anywhere else.

Tiamo's wooden cottages are equipped with massive beds, hand-painted "do not disturb" signs, brightly tiled mirrors and showers lean towards safari-chic, especially when taken in with their painted, corrugated-iron walls. And in a witty twist on recycling, even the wood left over from constructing the cottages were used to build this Caribbean luxury travel resort's funky outdoor furniture.

But while the interiors are exceptional, the main features of all the cottages are their open porches. They have fans rather than air conditioning, but you don't need to be bothered about the heat. The open sides of the cottages are designed to assist in keeping temperatures down. Climate control aside, the true beauty of these porches is that they give you panoramic views of the forest and the beach.